13 Jan 2009

Gloucestershire wedding venues

Part 3 of Wedding Information is focusing on Gloucestershire Wedding Venues. I appreciate that should probably have been Part 1, but hey - I don't always think in a logical order! :-)

In an effort to be helpful to any bides who may stumble upon my photography blog prior to booking their wedding venue, I've started a short list of local venues, all of which I've photographed. The links are down the right hand side under the heading of Cotswold Wedding Venues, and will take you directly to each venues website. At present there are around 30 venues and the list will be added to as new ones emerge. I will no doubt have missed one or two and of course there are plenty of weddings I've photographed that were church ceremonies followed by private marquees, so these have not been included.

One wedding venue doesn't suit everyone and I often say, it's the logistics of your day that make a wedding run smoothly. Don't just look at the venue in isolation therefore, but consider how well it fits into your wedding day plan.
It's sometimes the case that venues don't necessarily advertise their services on wedding directories (such as Hitched, County Bride, The Wedding Directory, Guides For Brides, Wedding Venues, etc) or in wedding publications, making a few harder to find. Ali and I found our wedding venue by simply asking if they would hold a wedding at a restaurant we liked, rather than finding them through searches. I hope therefore it may highlight some hidden gems we have here in the Cotswolds that may otherwise be overlooked.

For anyone wishing to view my photography from the venues listed, the simplest way is to use the search box on the top left of my blog and enter your venue name. That should pull out all posts that include this in their title. Should you wish to view any photography from weddings shot pre June 2007 please contact me to discuss.

Finally I've detailed below a few of my favourite wedding venues - in the ever popular 'pictorial' format.

(Edited to say, this post has now been superseded with a more detailed look at Cotswold wedding venues, over on my new website.  Please visit, or use a link from one of the wedding venues below to view that in more detail.

Chavenage House wedding venue Gloucestershire

Updated to say you can now find a more comprehensive list of Gloucestershire wedding venues over on my new website.  Including all of the above, plus many more venues, from Barns, to Castle with Boutique Hotels and everything else in between.

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