6 Feb 2009

Cheltenham snowboarding.

I'm just a big kid at heart and snow is still VERY exciting. I can even get up early....like 8am, easy! That is early for a photographer may I add.....especially one with kids.

Today I went out snowboarding on the local hills. It was the second day of such an adventure, just this time my friend came with me and took a few pics. So here we are enjoying the snow, rather than listening to all the doom and gloom spouted out by the press.

The MAIN problem with snowboarding on a hill, rather than a purpose built ski resort is the serious lack of chairlifts & the decidely short runs. 20 seconds down.......5 mins walk back up.

Snow Angels - still entertaining even in your 30's. I realised today you're never too old to enjoy snow.

Two mins to catch my breath at the top, then back down for 20 seconds of high octain adrenaline. Well, maybe more like a little jump and a couple of turns.

Meanwhile at home Ali was looking after the kids. Barney as per usual was sleeping.....in fact I found they all had an afternoon nap. The decerning eyes amongst you will also note this can't be Barney sleeping at home, surely he'd be too hot!?. Indeed it's not. It was taken a couple of days ago when we ventured out with him in these 'arctic' conditions. He was therefore kitted up in this super fury eskimo outfit, that is just ohhhhhhh soooooo soft. Gotta get me one of those.

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  1. Crazy weather back in Feb, some of the coldest for a long time.. and now we are supposed to be due one of the warmest summers in years!


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