1 Feb 2009

Two babies.....

Below is the rare sight of Barney with his eyes open. He appears to have my 'sleeping' genes, so if he's not having milk then he's asleep. Pretty good really as it does make life a little easier. Needless to say, sleep deprivation at night is still the case though - doh! This means my wit when writing this has officially left me....wait till a good day with 8 hours sleep though - I'll be like a kid on Redbull & Haribo.

For Daisy, the best thing about having a baby brother is all the 'stuff' associated with babies comes back out again. You'd presume Barney would be in the mosses basket, using the cot, boinging in the bouncy seat, wearing the baby clothes......but no, Daisy has taken it upon herself to test out all baby paraphernalia instead.

With presents galore at the moment, we've more wrapping paper than WHSmith. Daisy thought she'd remind us just what the best present is you can ever have - ta naa Daisy!

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