25 Jan 2009

Barnaby Davis

The new addition to the Davis household has arrived, in the form of a BOY - wow......didn't expect that! I'm used to girls. A BOY, that means new clothes, boys toys, having 'the chat' about girls. It is all very exciting though and I'm totally stoaked about having a boy this time round.

It's first day back from the hospital for Ali today and we're just getting settled into the household routine. Or put another way, we haven't yet ventured out the house with 2 kids! I'll have to shoot a family portrait soon though, but in the interim I just took this pic of Barnaby asleep in his moses basket.

For anyone wishing to know a little more about Barnaby's entrance to this world (and assuming you're not squemish) add me on facebook where I've popped up a good set of pics from the hospital. Here's my profile.....Matt on Facebook


  1. Awwww he's lovely! Congratulations, what a fab name, Amy & Ben x

  2. Well done a beautiful little boy.

    I do read your Blog Matt ;)


  3. Congratulations - the second photo with his sister is just brilliant! Enjoy this time.


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