16 Dec 2009

Birtsmorton Court Wedding Photos

Wedding sneak peak.

Wedding Photos Birtsmorton Court

Bridal preps at Birtsmorton Court. Such an elegant, natural photo. This has to be one of my favourites from the weekends wedding.

Why you ask? Well, as part of the 'understand your wedding photographer season' let me enlighten you.

Simplicity: No colours are competing for attention. The tonal range is all similar. Overall it's smooth, rich and has an opulent feel.

Subjects: Strong storytelling is evident in just one frame. It's clearly part of the mornings preps. With the bride dressed it's only moments before she walks down the aisle to meet her groom. It's quiet, reflective and shows key elements from the day (flowers, bridesmaid, wedding dress, details, venue).

Composition: The image has sufficient room to breath, but isn't framed too wide to loose impact. All critical elements are included (hands, heads, arms etc - as you'd expect from a professional photographer!). I love how the bride makes a frame within a frame, by being surrounded by the curtains. The curtains do not break her outline either, keeping it clean and simple (had this have been taken 12 inches to my right that element would be lost).

Light: The bride is backlit, forming a wrap around of light, softening the edges of her outline and giving an ethereal look. The bridesmaids face has a beautiful rim light to define her profile too.

Documentary: Most importantly of all it's not posed. It carries higher regard in my opinion than other photos as it is far harder to capture (than say wedding couple portraits, or staged shots of any other nature).

As with any photo though, I do have just one niggle (although it's easily remedied). The radiator creeping just into frame on the far left. A crop in post production will sort this and produce a great photo for large print in their album.

There you have it, my thoughts on why I like this photo and what I'm looking for on any fast paced wedding day. It highlights the need to react to a situation in a split second (otherwise it's lost forever) and is what I believe to be the foundation of good wedding photography.

The full wedding post is now available here.

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