17 Dec 2009

Matt Davis Photography - Wedding testimonials

It's been a busy year at Matt Davis Photography HQ.

I've finally gotten around to making a small start on updating my wedding galleries, changed a few words here and there and added a new page for praise. (Yep, that's the bit you fine folk write to me after the wedding day!). Go take a peak and see if you've made and of the new pages.

I'm always pleased to receive comments, not always just from the bride and groom, often mums and dads, friends and family, or occasionally random folk out there who happen to come across my photos drop me a line. So thank you all for the time you've taken to either write me a mail, thank me in person, send flowers and wine (ok that doesn't happen so much) or write and send good old fashioned thank-you cards.

Wedding Couple testimonials

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