15 Jul 2010

Good service

Something I consider an important part of any business these days (and not just for my own) is good service.  We all have to consider price when making purchases, but service is often an unquantifiable value.

Prompt responses to emails, returned phone calls, polite professional manners - all these things are what I aim to provide to my clients and what I also look for when purchasing goods and/or services myself.

Ok, so what is this post actually about you may ask?  Ready for an unexpected U-Turn?
Well........Garden Furniture, good service and Bau-Outdoors.  Yep.  Nothing to do with wedding photography at all (except the reference to good service I guess!)

With Summer finally here (and now gone again) I stepped up the pace in the Davis household and after 9 years of owning a small cafe style outdoor dining table, finally got around to ordering something a little more substantial (and practical for our family of four).

Edited to add: Reading this back I realised the reference to 'I' (as in me) is not strictly true.  My wife was in fact the one that picked the pace up, I merely agreed with her Googling of outdoor furniture choices.

So as if by magic (ta na) a new garden table, bench and chairs have arrived at Davis HQ - courtesy of Bau-Outdoors



If anyone is out there looking for garden furniture then I suggest you look no further than Bau-Outdoors and give the very helpful Tom a call, who'll sort you out in no time.  (Our furniture arrived in less than 5 days from placement of order!)  More of my photos are also on Bau-Outdoors blog - go take a peak.

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