21 Jul 2010

Canon cameras and lenses for sale

The big sale is about to start.  Come and get your camera kit now!

If I had £1 for every time someone asked me what camera I was using, what lens that is, or what kit they should buy, I'd have given up wedding photography and be living in the Maldives!  Unfortunately I don't get paid per question, so to make up the shortfall I've decided to sell a few assets.

For those of you wondering what kit a wedding photographer uses - the answer is below.  


 I've certainly acquired a fair few bits and pieces over the past 5 years (what with technology changes and my appetite to try new lenses) so it's time to streamline my set-up along with a kit upgrade. 


My trusty fleet of Canon cameras and lenses are up for grabs.  If you're in the market for a digital SLR or lens, drop me a line - the following are up for sale.

Canon EOS3 (film camera) - £100
Canon 20D + BG-E2 Battery Grip - £180
Canon 5D (2 off) + BG-E4 Battery Grip (1 off) - £650 w/grip, £600 w/o grip
Canon EF 85 1.2 L mk II - £1300
Canon EF 50 1.4 - £200
Canon EF17-40 f4 L - £400

1 comment:

  1. Can you please contact me regarding the items you have for sale? I don't see your contact details anywhere.

    Many thanks




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