21 Aug 2010

Children's 4th birthday party photos

No weddings for me this weekend - instead we had Daisy's 4th (going on 14th) birthday party.  45 kids, a load of parents and a lot of noise.  Phew, thank goodness it's only once a year!

It was a joint party with some friends who are also 4 in August, which is somewhat lucky as attending 45 parties in return would be a real task with only 52 weekends a year!

There was plenty of cake to go around (so I was happy), and nominated myself as chief photographer - seeing as I'd done little else in the party organisation.  Thankfully a children's entertainer had been arranged so Mike Clarke (thekidsmagician) took charge and kept the kids happy for a fantastic 45 min set.

Here's just a short slideshow from the zillions of photos I took.

We'd also had a small party at home for Daisy on her actual birthday.  

Ali made a super cake - at Daisy's request for a bunny.

Also, if anyone has missed Toy Story 3, worry not, we can pretty much recreate it from our personal toy collection at home.  

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