17 Sep 2010

Destination wedding photographer - Ibiza, Atzaro

Brad and Nikki - Atzaro, Ibiza - 11th Sept 2010

It's not the norm for me to shoot destination weddings, in fact I rarely leave Gloucestershire, so to take on a wedding in Ibiza was going to be fun.

From the first time I spoke with Nikki, I kinda knew her wedding was going to be fun.  She's such an energetic individual, although having caught her a couple of times the day after a big night out, she certainly seemed a little less sparkly!  Running Harry's bar(s) in London and having a husband who's a stunt man is quite a combination and I know these two work hard and play hard.  I somewhat expected Brad to come down the isle on fire or riding a motorbike one handed!!  He did have a pretty fierce suit to make up for the lack of special effects though ;-)

Having photographed the wedding of their friends at Sudeley Castle back in 2008, I knew a few faces from the wedding already and it was great to catch up.........made better still by the pool in the sunshine of Ibiza!

Atzaro, Ibiza.  The hotel entrance, which is just a small part of the most beautiful buildings and gardens set in their own little tropical oasis in the North of Ibiza.  

Why have one pool when you can have two - spoilt for choice.

Testosterone around the pool.


Bridesmaid and make-up lady - handy huh!

I love this shot of the wedding dress.  I believe it was by Ian Stuart (the dress, not who took the photo.....the latter was me, but you'd guessed that right?)

Ready for a hot, hot, hot outdoor wedding ceremony.

How cool is it to have bridesmaids in white (or is it cream - I'm a man, colours are al the same to me!).  Nikki had seven bridesmaids too - phew, talk about indulgent!

Check out Granddad getting his shot, love it!

I told you Brad had a funky wedding suit.

The wedding ceremony was somewhat 'hippy' (Nikki's words not mine).  It made for a very entertaining time, especially the singing.

There you go, seven bridesmaids, all in one shot, and all with there eyes open....well I don't know about the latter.

Love is in the air....la, la, de dum, la de da!

It's such a shame being the photographer at a wedding as you don't get to wear cool shades like all the guests.

Cool setting for a wedding reception huh?  Atzaro made a great venue for the wedding, with several locations around the site for different parts of the day.

Sax and a DJ by the pool for the wedding drinks reception.  Both very good I may add.

Brad and Nikki entered the wedding breakfast to 'I Luv You Baby', and I tell you what, it was great.  Everyone was up and dancing.....more of this please.

I love this photo, so much energy, typical of Brad and Nikki.

Atzaro at night looked equally as cool as it does by day.

Check this place out for your wedding reception after dinner drinks.

This guy 'Matt' must have taken about as many photos as me.

First dance outside - something we don't often do in Britain and a refreshing change.

Tequila time.

This is Nichola and Rowley who's wedding I photographed at Sudeley Castle in 2008.  They still know how to have a good time.

Not many wedding I go to have podium dancers.....OK, none so far, this was the first!

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  1. decided! this is my wedding venue!


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