25 Oct 2010

Scottish Highlands - Holiday to Skye

Having had a super busy August and September, it was a welcome rest to take some time out from weddings and head for the fresh air of the Scottish Highlands last week.  Joined by two other professional wedding photographers, we embarked on a road trip from Inverness, via Skye and down to Glasgow.

Knowing quite a few photographers from throughout the UK, including several in Scotland meant we called in a couple of favours and got a bed for the night plus some fantastic home cooking and views to die for.

My cameras didn't get to take a break though and how could I with stunning scenery like this......

Rob wears shorts religiously until the end of October.  Yes it was cold...don't ask!?

This is Lynne's house where we stayed, and below the view from her lounge window - nice huh?

A room to stay plus a cooked breakfast each day, exactly what you need before a long hike.  We couldn't have been happier.

A six hour hike through the Glen.

At this point I stepped in a super size cow pat whilst walking backwards taking photos.

Such a cool bridge for the river crossing on our trek up to the waterfall (somewhere in that 'V' shape on the horizon).

Duncan getting close to nature.

Yep, that's the waterfall we walked 6 hours to see.  Pretty impressive, just needed a 400mm lens to take a decent close up photo.

The Isle of Skye.

The view from our B&B nr. Portree on Skye.

Scotland is a BIG place and has some supersize scenery.  

The highest coffee shop on Skye.  Not exactly the first thing we expected to see as we summited the mountain on a very wet October day.

Imagine living in that house - do you reckon they get Tesco delivery?

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