12 Oct 2010

Wedding Photos Long Newton Church, Tetbury / Kingscote Barn

James and Nicola - 1st Oct 2010 - Long Newton Church, Tetbury / Kingscote Barn 

I'd had James and Nicola's wedding on my books for well over 18 months, which at the time of booking always seems such a long wait.  Well fast fwd to October 2010 and it's finally come around.  I'm presuming when Nicola booked she hadn't got in mind the rather wet day that it turned out to be, none the less Nicola is one chipper (can I say that) bride, and a small weather upset wasn't about to spoil her wedding day (albeit I believe she had a mild paddy the day before!)

Bridal preps took place at her dad's house in Tetbury.  Make-up was by the lovely Elle (www.ellehitchens.webs.com) who was possibly the most excited Make-Up artists I've ever seen when Nicola appeared in her wedding dress and genuine vintage veil.

This is the much acclaimed vintage veil....and wedding dress!

Strange place to leave your wedding shoes.

The bridesmaids look out as the camper van wedding car pulled up.  50's inspired bridesmaid dresses - pretty cool huh?

Dad's. Yep, they really do get ready in 5 mins then have to spend ages hanging around waiting.

This may need explaining.  Phone rings and it's a sales call, bridesmaid answers.  "Hello, we're actually getting ready for a wedding, so right now isn't exactly great for a chat"!  Classic.  Unbelievably though, they continue to chat for about 3 mins about what stage of the preparations they're at!

Outside the church at Long Newton, ready and waiting are a small army of ushers and umbrellas.

Nice unusual wedding details, wheat rather than flowers - I liked these.

Yep, still raining.

Check dad out - just standing smiling...absolutely no help!

The glamourous side of a wet wedding.

Quick transition from wellies to wedding shoes.

With it raining we did a few couple portraits in the church just in case it didn't stop later!!!!

Still raining whilst at Kingscote Barn.  At this point I'm enjoying standing out in the rain, whilst these two look cute in the doorway!

Finally around 6pm it did in fact STOP raining - wahoooooo!  We nipped out and enjoyed some great light for a few portraits.  In fact, quite a few portraits, especially seeing as we'd already shot some earlier in the day.

This is one of my favourite couple shots.

Not only did it brighten up, but I came across my first ever rainbow at a wedding, nicely framing Kingscote Barn.

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  1. Wow, what a lovely couple. I love the van that they make as wedding car. It was cute.


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