18 Nov 2010

Clay Shooting, Gloucestershire.

Last weekend I had no weddings to photograph, so arranged to go shooting on my Brother In Laws farm with a few friends.  It's something we did a short while back (in fact I later found out 5 1/2 years ago!), so it was about time we got together again for another session of competitive clay shooting (we wouldn't be blokes if a competition wasn't involved).

You don't see many photos of me on the blog, but for a change here I am!

 Simon on 12 bore, with Doug in the background who appears to be applying chapstick - More your metrosexual bunch of shooters.

Timmy 'trapmaster' Atkinson (with newly purchased shooting cap).

(Daisy and her two cousins) As the shoot drew to a close, the girls joined us for a tractor ride home.  

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