18 Nov 2010

Family portraits Cheltenham - Christmas gift ideas

It's the time of year when people start to 'suddenly' think about family portraits and the great idea of getting something for mum & dad that they don't already have!  My wife constantly tells me I'm impossible to buy for and I know how she feels as when it comes to getting my dad something - it's equally as difficult.  

So, for the grand parents with everything, why not give them a few photos this christmas, or a cool photo album?  This is what Jo decided on, so last week we went out for a short walk around the park to get some shots of the kids.

Anyone interested in a portrait session drop me a line or visit my website (www.mattdavisphotography.net) for further information.

The brief was to have some photos 'ideally' of both children together.  No-one said they had to be happy with that idea right?  Sharing is never and easy thing!

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