1 Feb 2011

My little cowboy

Barney turned two in late January and had the best ever gift from his Auntie Charile - a cowboy outfit.  OK, so I should be clear about this, he didn't actually think it was the greatest gift ever and infact didn't want to wear it at first.  (Safe to say though, Daisy popped it straight on....shes' always first in line for fancy dress).  It wasn't so much that it's the best gift ever for Barney therefore, but actually myself - as I apparently had a similar costume myself as a boy, and wore it every day.  So much so, the trousers wore out and my mum had to make a new pair.  Ahhh the good old days.....it just looks wrong if I dress up now :-)

Anyhow.........blurb over, my point is, he finally decided this week it was time to slip into something a little more wild west.  Better still he teamed the outfit with his 'personalised' hobby horse (thank you Meg).

I should add too, I've gone super-size on blog images now (you've probably noticed that right?).  Hopefully it still works for you the viewers.  Blog posts will also have a 'Read More' tab, so watch out for this on many of the of weddings.

You looking at me partner?

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