31 Jul 2011

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer - Matara

James and Gemma had their wedding at Matara in Gloucestershire.  It's a fabulous wedding venue, with loads of options in the gardens for photos.....which thankfully we had some opportunity to do as the weather was perfect.  Gemma and James both work in the film/TV industry, one as a make-up artist, the other Producer/Director (I think that's right), so are used to being on the other side of a camera.  They took some coaching, but thankfully we produced some great shots.

The main house at Matara - or as my wife puts it "the house she'd like".  I'll keep saving!

It's not often I shoot weddings with 7 bridesmaids....and all with a different dress design.

This may need explaining, so if I tell you it's mouthwash you'll probably get the idea!

Gemma's sister works as a set designer (is that correct?) so had a big influence on the day and helped  style the wedding.  This room at Matara is vast and easily catered for the 140 guests they had seated for the ceremony.

Straight after the civil ceremony Gemma and James headed out into the oriental garden for a Jewish blessing....where apparently James had been most looking forward to stamping on the glass!

Fans can be very effective at removing confetti from your hair.

James' dad was my assistant photographer for the speeches.

After speeches, as the sun began to set, we snuck back out for a final couple of relaxed portraits.

Even the little courtyard garden at Matara's main house is fantastic for photos.

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