19 Jul 2011

The little Davis' - Kids portraits

I took Daisy & Barney for a walk on Leckhampton Hill a couple of warm weekends ago.  It was time for a few nice portraits of my kids as they grow up so fast.

 Looking at these photos of them in shorts now, does make me wonder why I'm sitting here in jeans & a long sleeve shirt?

Puddles - every little boy like puddles right?

Barney also likes running.  He soon learnt though, running on a rough surface then falling over isn't so kind on your knees :-(

Stone throwing...a popular past time for Barney.

Daisy has more interest in making 'Daisy' chains.  Here Barney was being super cute and offered to pick her some flower too.

"Who'd like some sweets I've brought with me?"

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