10 Jul 2011

Shropshire wedding photographer - Delbury Hall

I left my comfort county of Gloucestershire last weekend and headed up the M5 for the wedding of  Adam & Marisa at Delbury Hall in Shropshire.

You'll learn quickly that Marisa smiles (and laughs) A LOT.  This isn't abnormal for any wedding day tbh, but for some reason when editing the photos it become ever more apparent as photo after photo of Marisa was accompanied by a huge smile.

I'm having to keep this blog post brief due to the mountain of wedding work now on my plate as we hit high season (and a wife that likes me to take at least one day off a week!).  So....here are a selection of photos with a word or two....just not my normal long winded waffle.

Reader: "Why on a wedding blog have you a photo of someone doing washing up...surely that's not normal?" 

Well.....having shot around 200 weddings now, you notice a few trends on wedding days.  And the trends are this.....whlist the girls are prettifying and giving themselves about 5 hours to get ready.....blokes of the household wash up, walk about in their T'Shirt, then quickly get changed 5 mins before the nominated departure time.  Ohh yeah....the counter top reflection and great light made for a more interesting photo than most instances too!

Smile Count:1

Half smile - does that count??

Reader: "Okay Matt, now you're photos are REALLY ODD?".
 Quick explanation - bride needed to blow nose.  
We debate if this is a photo opp?  
I decide it is :-) We laugh.  
Bride then hands dirty tissue to sister to dispose of!  

Only on a wedding day can you get away with that.  Sisterly love eh?!

Smile Count:2

If only we were doing a smile count for the bridesmaids too.

Marisa's brother was elected as Proxy dad.  What a great guy he was too.  (note: still in his T Shirt!)

Smile Count:3

Smile Count:4

Kinda an odd photo but I liked it.

Smile Count:5

Smile Count:6  (Although Marisa appears to have achieved the impossible by actually smiling with what looks like an upturned smile!?!?!?)

Smile Count:7

Yikes - what's that face? :-)  I just had to include it, it's soooo funny.  No idea what these two were up to either - perhaps someone will enlighten me?

Smile Count:8

Smile Count:9

Smile Count:10

Although this is a shot of wedding flowers (and some wedding bling - aka horse shoes typically given to you by your Aunty) I have no doubt Marisa is smiling here too!

Wedding bubbles in leau of confetti.  These worked well to compared to some I've seen.  Must have been the pink bows around the tops.

Harsh light = great B&W.  
Smile Count:12

Smile Count:13
Many more smiles to come - click on 'READ MORE' on the left hand side to continue.

A few wedding details and a fantastic chocolate & Raspberry wedding cake.  I had some to so thumbs up from me - yum!

Inside view of Delbury Hall set for the wedding breakfast.

What a fab day for a drinks reception.

Smile Count:14

The main house at Delbury Hall nestled beautifully into the landscape with it's own pond....well more like a lake!

Smile Count:15
At this point it's worth noting this is only the 2nd posed photo on this blog post.  So when wedding couples say their face aches from smiling 'for the photographer'....this is very much a myth.  You usually smile because you're having a great day.....I simply take photos which show this :-)

Smile Count:16

Smile Count:17

Smile Count:18

I zoomed in to check on this photo and yep, Marisa is smiling.
Smile Count:19

Todays group shot.  Da Buoys (see what I did there).  Okay, anyone who knows that Adam is somewhat a sailing ace will get my joke.

It was this big.....

....nahh, more like this big....

....okay then, it was this wide!
Smile Count:20

Smile Count:21

Smile Count:22

Smile Count:23

Okay no smiles, understandably.....with what was said :-(

Smile Count:24

Smile Count:25

And finally - I'll bet she's smiling behind that napkin too! :-) :-) :-)

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