8 Jul 2011

Wedding testimonial - Bay Tree Hotel, Burford

It's very rewarding taking great photos on someone's wedding day, and better still when my clients write lovely emails to me with thanks.  I recently had this from Sally, who got married at The Bay Tree Hotel.  It was the last paragraph that stopped me in my tracks.  I spend far too much time deliberating about how to describe my approach as a photographer, yet with 4 or 5 key words Sally hit the nail on the head.

Hi Matt

I hope you're well. Pete and I arrived back from honeymoon this morning and we wanted to get in touch without delay to say how thrilled we are the pics. They are simply stunning and have completely surpassed our expectations. You've managed to capture some really special moments - often without us even realising you were there snapping away!

Over the next couple of days we'll have a good look through the album proof. There are probably a handful of pics we would change but nothing major. We love the way the album is composed so we don't want to make too many changes. So I'll come back to you on this early next week, if that's ok.

Once again, big thanks to you for your professionalism, sense of humour and energy on the day and for some truly amazing photographs!

Best wishes,
Sally and Pete

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