12 Sep 2008


Center Parcs - ummmmm...??? Now, before we get too far with this blog it's worth mentioning that prior to going to Center Parcs I wasn't sure I was the kinda guy who'd like it. Now upon my return it is fair to say that indeed it's not exactly my cuppa tea, although palatable.

Anyway for want of making this an unnecessarily long blog, in short the Davis' along with a couple of friends decided to dip our toes into the world of 'packaged' holidays - with the main reason being toddlers. Yes, CP (as we'll call it for short) is geared up to families with kids - or so they say.

Well, we did have a great few days, although it blinking well rained on a couple of them (what's that all about - come on, give me a break). It does offer plenty of activities; face painting, glueing, sticking, soft play, swimming,blah, blah, blah. But god damn it's pretty expensive. I've done painting with Daisy before and it certainly worked out a lot cheaper than a CP session!

So, without going on and on and on, here's some photos that sum up the few days we had last week relaxing (hah yeah right, with two toddlers & a baby!) at CP.

You'll notice a few photos along this theme. It's called painting with light and involves me & Dave messing about with a torch and a camera whilst the girlies look on in disbelief as to what an earth their hubbies are up to. Note: there is no Photoshop trickery here, it's all done in camera with a long shutter speed, torch and a flash. (was that too techie for you by the way or do you all know what a long shutter speed is?) Above was my best attempt, below is one of the many earlier failures where I struggled with the concept of writing the letter 'G' back to front. Note: this is harder than it looks!

Just cute Daisy - ahhhhhh.

More trickery with a flash gun and long shutter speed - spooky huh! LOL. Ohh that's CP in the background by the way - that's the PLAZA...woooooow.

So, whilst on baby sitting duty (as the girls were off pampering) Dave & I took it upon ourselves to learn more about 'off camera flash' (Zzzzzz, boring Matt, I hear you all say!!!). But no, it's all very relative as one day you'll be on the receiving end of my off camera flash and wouldn't you like to look as fine as Dave and I do in front of the camera? OK, so we're not the best at posing....that's because it's all about the camera settings, not the pose! PS - these were the two I chose to show on my blog, other out-takes are available but not for general viewing!

Ahh yeah, (above) that's Dave & I looking after the kids. Dave taking pics of them, me taking pics of Dave taking pics of them. Who exactly is looking after them you may ask? We too had the same concerns...well for a second, then got on with taking more photos!

Here's my little Pocahontis.

Ahh, Dave on child care duties AGAIN. Both eyes firmly on the tv, what a loving dad! Daisy (below) with square eyes, clearly from watching too much TV.

Ohh look, I did take a pic of the place we stayed - there you go mum, you'll like to see that. It's the one on the right hand side of this row. Daisy rather liked the puddles out the front.

PS - as a note, Ali aka BIMPY (my wife) and Clare (Dave's wife) did come with us on holiday, yet we apparently neglected to take any photos of them. Ooops, sorry girls, I mean ladies! They must have been off pampering all the time, that's why...yeah, that's it! :-)

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