10 Aug 2010

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire - Wedding Photography

Matthew and Aisling - Church of Annunciation, Woodchester / Berkeley Castle - 6th August 2010

I'd not met Matthew and Aisling before their wedding so had no idea who was who until I arrived.  Hopefully booking a photographer you've never met isn't quite as daunting as some people might imagine - rest assured I don't wear a brown corduroy suit and hush puppies - I way more cool than that!

Aisling was down with the plan though, letting me get on with snappedy snapping away, whilst she prettified and slipped into an appropriate white number ready for the day ahead.

Bridal preps were at The Amberley Inn, nestled in the hidden heart of the Cotswolds (or at least that's what their website says).  It was certainly hidden away - or at least Aisling was, as I spent 12 minutes in reception looking for someone to tell me what room she was in.  

I even took a peep at the computer but was none the wiser as it appeared 80 other wedding guests had also booked into the hotel under the same wedding name!

Looks like dad found the place though.

The wedding was a Catholic ceremony at the Church of Annunciation, Woodchester, Gloucestershire.  I've been here before and it's a great place to take photos in - loads of room to move around for varying angles.

It's clapping - yep, looks a bit like praying, but no, it was definitely clapping.

.....and so off we went from the Church to Berkeley Castle....and yes, it was very windy.

........v windy indeed.

Dad provided the wedding reception music, whilst I took the photos.

Matthew enjoys architecture and wanted to ensure we included plenty of shots of Berkeley Castle.  So.....is this plenty?

I love the scale in these two shots.  Great place for wedding reception drinks hey?
One is taken from outside Berkeley Castle, the other from within it's outer walls (can you say that?)

I do believe at this point Aisling's dad referred to her new husband by the wrong name!  Classic.

My assistant photographer at the back of the room.

It's always nice to see a few baby pics of the groom at a wedding.  Dear god help my poor kids, I have a few I could share if their wedding day ever comes.

Best mans speech.  he was doing well at this point.........

........but then it all went quiet, and got a little difficult.

Love this shot - top bridesmaid, stepped in for support.

OK, this should happen more often at weddings.  Forget speeches and/or 'typical' readings, this week we had "How to get married, by me the bride" - a children's book for 4 year olds!  And you know what - it was fantastic.  So fantastic, that it's now in Daisy's (my daughters) bedroom as the kind man above gave it to me.

Meanwhile in spooky Berkeley Castle I was finding photos like this!!  Kinda eerie huh?

How cool does the Castle look lit up at night.  It was challenging getting this shot - not from a photographic view point, after all I'm an expert :-) - but because every time I went outside to get it, someone came and got me for the next event in the evenings entertainment.  Bring on the First Dance!

Music was by www.faketanband.com - who have to be said are probably one of the most fun bands I've heard at a wedding in a while.  Look thee boys up if you need a good boogie - 80's classics will be rattling around in your head for weeks afterwards.

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  1. just came across your site --- you take great photos! Love em!


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