13 Apr 2011

Wedding at Birtsmorton Court, Worcestershire

The hottest wedding at Birtsmorton Court you're ever likely to come across!  Twenty degrees....in April - yeah I know, amazing huh!  AND, on your wedding day, who could have planned it better?  Did Stuart and Clare perhaps know of this mini heatwave we were about to have?  Who knows, but what a great day....wall to wall sunshine and not a cloud in the sky (alright that's a bit annoying for a photographer - but hey ho). 

Anyhow, without further ado here are a few shots from Stuart and Clares wedding last weekend.

No, not the groom but Clare's brother.

This (for those of you not married) is the point where the Hair and/or Make-Up lady takes some photos of your hairdo for her portfolio.  It's also the point bridesmaids become agitated and start to entertain themselves!  

Explain this please Matt?!  Well, the bridesmaid on the right had been tasked with not talking for 10 minutes, so to make up for her lack of vocals she tried to explain stuff with hand gestures.

Todays wedding shoes curtsy of 'Pure & Precious'.

Put some banging beats on Clare.

Birtsmorton Church sits perfectly in this copse of trees and works as a great place to have your ceremony before you 'nip' though the gate into Birtsmorton Court for the wedding reception.

Wedding car - Vicar - Church.  It can only mean one thing.  Here comes the bride.

What a well orchestrated wedding party.  I'm sure this is how all brides imagine their bridesmaids & pageboy will look as they walk in - perfect.........except for Dad who for some reason appears to be well off the pace - seeing as he should have Clare on his arm! ;-)

There were plenty of flowers in and around the church for this wedding.  These buckets were really pretty running down each side of the aisle.  

Not a dry eye in the house.  I love the way Clare's brother immediately put his arm around Clare's Aunty during her reading as she began to shed a tear.  Very sweet.

Mike 'the Vicar' had a packet of wine gums to hand for sharing out during the service.....not a bad idea, keeps the kids quiet for a while hey!

My favourite photo of the day.  These three kids were great fun at the wedding, hopefully not too much of a handful for mum & dad.

I should also point out at this point, Stuart and Clare only had a very small wedding - around 35 guests.  This photo includes around half the guests would you believe.

The obligatory 'signing of the register' photo.  There is a sensible one in their collection but this pretty much summed these two up - classic.

Confetti at a wedding always makes you smile - or shut your eyes and look down to avoid it going in your mouth. :-)

I love this photo of Clare's mum.  She came and met me when they first booked so I've got to know here well over the past few meetings.  Great wedding outfit too.  Mother of the brides always have the best wedding hats.

After the wedding ceremony the bride & groom went for a short ride in their wedding car......a trip of about 800m, unless you go by foot, in which case it was 50m from the Church to Birtsmorton Court. :-)

The wedding car - a classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud (at least I think that's the model).  

You'd certainly not be mistaken in thinking it was summer......yet this is in fact Birtsmorton Court in the beautiful April light - pretty much perfect for a wedding day.

This weekends group photo I'm going to show you is 'The Boys'.  Included Will......the coolest dude of the lot.  Anyone in need of a well turned out Pageboy look no further.

Is this not the cutest bridesmaid ever?  I wondering if she could be hired out to wedding couples in need of bridesmaids.  She's got a dress and tiara already! :-)

Note the water droplets on this bridesmaids bouquet of flowers.  Well, apparently the she decided her flowers needed refreshing so used water from the fountain - smart huh!

Inside the main courtyard of Birtsmorton Court.  I've never taken this photo here before....why you ask?  Well, up until now there used to be a statue right in the middle, but alas, today it was gone - wahoo!

The fountain in the White Garden at Birtsmorton Court provides a central focal point for the drinks reception.........and a good spot to cool off your flowers 'if you're a bridesmaid'!


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