4 Jan 2012

Wedding Photographer Recommendation - Tuscany, Italy

I really enjoyed the wedding of Darren & Suzi that I photographed last May in Tuscany (who wouldn't hey!).  It certainly sticks with me as a memorable moment for a wedding photographer and always brings a smile to my face when one of their photos passes across my screen saver.

It was lovely therefore to get this wedding photographer recommendation from them.  Not only did it remind me of their fabulous wedding in Tuscany, but Darren pretty much nailed why I like taking wedding photos.  It's not 'really' about the details, the hype, the extravaganza, but the real people who make up your day. :-)

"You can only truly appreciate the value in somebody’s skill and passion in their results. For Matt this is never more true.
Suzi and I are forever grateful for how Matt has managed to capture our amazing wedding day. His energy and effort to understand the finer points of why you spend so much time in planning and coordinating a perfect day is rewarded by his results. He takes time to understand what a wedding is all about. The people."

To see the full wedding blog post take a peak here - it's a two part post with a slideshow too!

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